Pack your bags for a

business adventure!

2018 programme

For 2018 we have an exciting programme for you to enjoy, taking you on a business journey that can be accompanied by the Your Business Journey workbook, or not – up to you!

Each month we’ll have inspirational speakers on different aspects of business for you to learn from, sharing ideas you can apply directly to your business. 
We meet on the third Friday of the month (except for our December Christmas meeting)
You’re  welcome to join us at any point in the year.

JANUARY 19       
MARCH 16           
APRIL 20             
MAY 18              
JUNE 15           
JULY 20               
AUGUST 17        
OCTOBER 19        

Planning your business journey
Communication, the cornerstone of effective business
Building your competitive advantage
Finances: What to charge; how to charge more
IT fundamentals for your business
Marketing: Converting prospects into customers
Dealing with challenges
Getting more from your website
Innovation: Introducing new products and services
Digital marketing
Growth plan: How to scale your business
Recapping the year and Christmas get-together

JANUARY 19 –  Planning your business journey


FEBRUARY 16  Communication, the cornerstone of effective business 


MARCH 16 – Building your competitive advantage      
APRIL 20 – Finances: What to charge; how to charge more            
MAY 18 – IT fundamentals for your business              
JUNE 15 – Marketing: Converting prospects into customers          
JULY 20 – Dealing with challenges            
AUGUST 17 – Getting more from your website      
SEPTEMBER 21 – Innovation: Introducing new products and services 
OCTOBER 19 – Digital marketing      
NOVEMBER 16 – Growth plan: How to scale your business 
DECEMBER – Recapping the year and Christmas get-together

 “Chrysalis has given me a sense of belonging through finding new, like-minded friends. Being able to share my years of business knowledge and having a network of resources to tap into has been great. With the various interesting businesses, there has been much learning about how others run their businesses, with the view to improve my own. A BIG thank you Chrysalis, and all its motivating ladies in business!”
Ginelle de Villiers Higgins, Sand Art NZ

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